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            Link Juice

            Link juice, link authority, and backlink authority are all different words that mean essentially the same thing. Google analyzes the links that point to a particular webpage to determine what ranking position the webpage should be placed in their search results for a particular keyword query.

            If Page A links to Page B, then link juice “flows” from page A to page B and that generally helps page B rank higher on Google. The more pages (and the higher-quality the pages are) that links to page B, the more link juice page B has and the higher it will tend to rank on Google.

            The smartest way to attract more links to a website is to:
            • Create authoritative, useful and trustworthy content
            • Improve the strength and popularity of the brand
            • Continually advertise, promote and get PR
            • Promote good website content and be sure it gets in front of the right audience
            • Contributing content to other websites
            • Blogger outreach
            • Expert quotes or brand mentions
            • Product reviews on blogs
            • Getting listed in industry-relevant directories
            There are different metrics available for measuring the link juice of your own site and others. Google PageRank is the algorithm that Google uses to measure link juice (but Google PageRank numbers are no longer publicly available). Several SEO tools publish their own link juice data and are valuable for getting accurate numbers.

            Updated: 28 Apr 2018 08:38 AM
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