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            Creating Files

            Create one item sized correctly per document. (Placed graphics and text should be sized at 100%.)


            Using your illustration program, convert all text “to curves” or “create outlines” in your files. Never use the stylization palette to bold, italicize, add drop shadow to or put outline on your fonts. If you are using fonts not owned should be outlined in an illustration program before submitting your artwork.

            Margin Requirements

            Spot Color printing:

            • Business cards must be sent 1-up with at least a (.125″) margin.
            • Envelopes must allow (.25″) from the top and side.
            • Letterheads must have at least (.375″) at the top and (.25″) along all sides and bottom.
            • Presentation folders must have the position noted in the special instructions, or a sample must be attached.

            Full Color and folders printing:

            • Business cards should have at least (.125″) margins.
            • Postcards need at least (.25″) margins.
            • Sales sheets, flyers and brochures require at least (.25″) margin for the text or other image that doesn’t bleed on all sides. If a bleed is wanted, the text still needs to be (.25″) away from the edge.

            Bleed Requirements:

            • (.125″) should be allowed on each applicable side. Please make sure the text still maintains the required margin even when graphics bleed.
            • Bleeds are not available on full color letterhead and envelopes without a quote.
            • Bleeds are not available on square-cut labels or static cling labels. When supplying artwork with a border please indicate if the border should print (.125″) in from the edge of the label or if it should bleed. All artwork with a bleed must include a (.125″) extension to avoid additional charges.

            Updated: 28 Apr 2018 08:34 AM
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