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            Contract Payments for Web Design

            This is out of date, and no longer utilized. Please contact us for alternate options.

            When you commission Beau Brewer Digital for a website, you may be able to qualify for contract payments. 

            What is a contract payment?

            • It is the balance of your project invoice spread out into equal monthly payments. Typically 12 months.

            How do I qualify for Contract Payments?

            • It's easy! Your website, domain name and email server must reside on Beau Brewer Digital servers.
            • Your domain name must be purchased through Beau Brewer Digital.
            • Your project total must be greater than $2,000.
            • Have a valid credit card.

            Does everyone qualify for Contact Payments?

            • No. Contract payments are currently a limited resource.
            • If all Contract Payment slots are full, no other Contract Payments will be offered until a slot becomes available.

            What are the terms for Contract Payments?

            • The party responsible for payments signature will be required on the contract.
            • Your project invoice will require a 30% down payment. The down payment can be cash, check or credit.
            • Your authorization to charge the credit card on file for the amount due on the first of each month.
            • Your project balance will be split into 12 monthly payments due on the 1st of each month.
            • A late payment fee of $25 will apply to each late payment.
            • Payments over 60 days overdue will have the entire balance become due.
            • Payments more than 90 days late will have the account terminated, and the balance will be sent into collections.
            • Upon contract completion all executive functions, will become available to you.
            • Contract Payments are offered at 0% interest.

            Updated: 17 Dec 2019 11:48 PM
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