Reciprocal Link Policy

Reciprocal Link Policy

The practice of exchanging links is quite common and usually beneficial for the ranking in search engines. A proposed link exchange will always be considered with care. The organization requesting a link exchange should be similar in service and/or content to Beau Brewer Digital. Beau Brewer Digital is not responsible for the content of externally linked sites. Please alert us if our content links to poor quality, misleading or dangerous content.

What to Expect

  1. We do not accept, affiliate links, links to contact pages or links directly to purchase pages.
  2. Your link can only be placed within our blog posts.
  3. Your link should be relevant to a service/content we offer or have written content for.
  4. Optionally, we can place a 'do-follow' tag on your link, in return for a 'do-follow' tag on our link.
  5. You may suggest anchor text for your link, in return we may suggest anchor text for our link.
  6. We monitor all links in our agreement. Links will be checked once per month.
  7. Broken or missing links, missing tags and other issues:
    1. Your link within our site will be corrected as soon as we have been alerted or contacted.
    2. Our link within your site, we will contact you incase there is an issue.
  8. This agreement is non binding and we reserve the right to remove your link at anytime without notice.
  9. This should not be considered a definitive list - we are open to other ideas. 

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