Proofing and Proof Approvals

Proofing and Proof Approvals


It is your last chance to make changes or find errors before your project is sent into production.

This is a custom project.

When you receive a proof from Beau Brewer Digital, it is a very important opportunity to find errors, omissions, or have last-minute changes made to your product.

This project was custom created just for you! Unlike many other purchases where you may be able to make a return. The retailer will simply re-stock your return, hoping someone else will buy it. Your project is unique to you. Beau Brewer Digital cannot simply re-stock your project that contains custom details printed specially for you. No one will buy business cards with someone else’s name on them. We hope that you understand how important your proof is and take the time to read this document and carefully review your proof. If you have questions you can always contact us. Your proof approval is also your acknowledgment and agreement to this document.

What happens after your proof has been approved?

When you approve your proof, Beau Brewer Digital will proceed into the next phase, which is typically production. Beau Brewer Digital will prepare your project for production, during which, your project will be sent to the vendor. After your file has been sent to the vendor, changes to the file are extremely unlikely. You can always, and are encouraged to try to make changes if needed. However, changes after approval may not be “in time”.

What should I do, if I would like to make a change or notice an error after proof approval?

It is very important to CONTACT Beau Brewer Digital as quickly as you can at 651-380-2348 right away. Leave a message if needed, but keep trying until you receive an acknowledgment! There may be a chance the file has not been sent to the vendor or we can contact the vendor and place a hold on the project.

What happens if my changes are too late?

Well, that depends on the project. Some projects are much more forgiving than others. Typically speaking, printed items have a very short window after the proof has been approved to make a change. In the event that you have discovered an error or wish to make a change, and have been notified that it is too late. You can either 1.) Accept the goods without the change,  or 2.) Agree that your change is important enough to have additional fees added to your invoice, then have the file change and re-submitted to the vendor. These additional fees may be as much as 100% of the printing cost.

I found a mistake, who is responsible?

Previously discussed errors

If your project arrives with an error that has been previously discussed, Beau Brewer Digital will at its discretion 1.) discount your invoice,  2.) issue you credit for future use, 3.) depending on the severity, re-print the project, or 4.) negotiate a fair and equitable settlement.

Errors found after approval

For errors or anomalies that have not been previously discussed prior to proof approval, the client is responsible for the full invoice amount with the exception for errors and anomalies that are obvious errors of Beau Brewer Digital (example: image shifting, poor print quality or artifacts erroneously introduced after the proof had been approved).  Decisions rendered by Beau Brewer Digital are final and binding.

Is there anything else I should know?

When you approve a proof or commission Beau Brewer Digital for design, layout or other similar printed creative work you agree to the above and agree to our:
(unless the license is negotiated otherwise)
  • Standard Agreement for Design Services – Print Works, Limited License

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