Courtesy Updates and Automatic Maintenance

Courtesy Updates and Automatic Maintenance

Please read this article carefully! Your account may be automatically enrolled as outlined below.

We want your website to look and perform as well as the day it was launched.... Sometimes, things happen, things that will break, cripple or disable your website. If your website has been crippled or completely disabled, how long as it been like that? Maybe it's only been a day, maybe it's been a month, or even longer? The fact is, until somebody tells you that your website is broken, your website will stay broken! Now ask yourself, how will someone let you know that your website is broken... When your website doesn't work?

Website Monitoring

Beau Brewer Digital implements numerous tools and services to monitor your website. If your account has been enrolled in either the Courtesy Updates or the Automatic Maintenance program, the tools used to monitor your website will generate an alert when there's been a problem detected. After Beau Brewer Digital has been alerted, we will automatically respond to correct the problem. Many times we are able to correct the problem before you (or anyone else) has even noticed.

Courtesy Updates

When you have Beau Brewer Digital design, develop or launch a website, you will receive 30 days of courtesy updates and maintenance. This gives you some time to review your new website after it launched. Giving you the ability to request minor changes at no additional cost. During this time Beau Brewer Digital make any minor changes while keeping your website up to date, ensuring your websites performance as outlined in your initial agreement. After your 30 days of courtesy updates have concluded your account will be automatically enrolled into the Automatic Maintenance program, as outlined below.

Automatic Maintenance

If you have had a website designed, developed, launched or have had Beau Brewer Digital perform maintenance on an existing website your account will be automatically enrolled, unless you contact Beau Brewer Digital to specifically opt out of the program.
While monitoring your website, when/if a problem is detected Beau Brewer Digital will automatically take action to resolve that problem. It's likely we have had already corrected any issues, even before you knew there was an issue. We will email you an outline the problem with the resolution, including any screenshots, when applicable. This service starts at $50 per unique event, then will be billed per hour after the first 30 minutes. There may be times that a problem becomes unserviceable, and will be placed on hold, because we need additional credentials or access to resolve the problem. During these situations, your account will be billed the minimum, and will continue once we receive the additional details needed to resolve the original problem. If we expect or are about to exceed $200, we will contact you before we continue.

Events/Problems that will trigger maintenance

  1. Disfigurement: Broken themes, bad or corrupted CSS and HTML. Any visual element that has the appearance of being 'broken'.
  2. Failed updates: Updates of any kind that have failed or only partially completed, leaving the site visually inconsistent or broken.
  3. Unreachable: Events that render your site unreachable by our tools. Server error codes or error not found messages.
  4. Hacked/Virus: Your site has been hacked or exhibits malicious or unintended behavior.

Things to consider if you choose to opt out of the Automatic Maintenance program

  1. Severe problems may cripple or even completely disable your website and could remain this way for days possibly even months.
  2. When/if a problem arises, it will continue to persist. Beau Brewer Digital will take no action to correct the problem.
  3. Small problems will often cascade into larger, more expensive, problems when left uncorrected.
  4. Beau Brewer Digital may, at its own option, propose a solution, when/if a problem arises or has been discovered.
  5. When/if a problem arises, Beau Brewer Digital will not be responsible to notify the client or be held liable for any problem(s) with your website.

This policy applies clients who have had any of the following services performed

This excludes clients who have already or is currently enrolled in either a website maintenance or website security plan, in which case, that plans policy will apply.
  1. Has had Beau Brewer Digital design, develop or launch a website/service.
  2. Has had Beau Brewer Digital perform maintenance on an existing website.
  3. Has a website hosted by Beau Brewer Digital.

Limitations and what this does not cover

  1. Beau Brewer Digital reserves the right to either enguage or decline any maintenance event.
  2. This is not a substitute for good site hygiene or site health.
  3. You are encouraged to enroll in proper maintenance and security plans
  4. This should not be considered a routine maintenance plan. If your website is in need of plugin or script updates, they will not be updated, until they break your site.
  5. Data and revenue loss. Beau Brewer Digital will not be liable for any loss of data due to poor site health or failures.
  6. Data theft. Personal information including billing information or other sensitive information. Beau Brewer Digital will not be liable for theft of any kind.
  7. Minor problems, such as small inconsistencies in color, position or size.
  8. Any SEO performance issues.
  9. Website performance issues due to servers, plugins or scripts.
  10. Broken scripts or plugins. If a resolution is not readily available, the offending script or plugin will be disabled or removed.
  11. Events that are unserviceable. We may need additional permissions or credentials to fully resolve the event.
  12. Any service performed by Beau Brewer Digital while acting as a reseller or as a wholesale partner.
If you have questions about this policy, please feel free to contact us.
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