Client License and Copyright Agreement for Commissioned Work

Client License and Copyright Agreement for Commissioned Work


Unless otherwise specified and/or credited all images, artwork, text and graphics, of this site, are the copyright of Beau Brewer Digital. All rights reserved. All other images are copyright and/or trademark of the respective owners. Designs, original art and clip art presented are for the use of the authorized client only. All art, images, designs, and material are copyright of Beau Brewer Digital and may not be resold, added to design or art collections of any nature or any other unauthorized form of distribution or reproduction without express written permission by Beau Brewer Digital. Any form of reproduction, electronic or otherwise is strictly forbidden without prior written consent.
If you have any questions about these terms, or would like information about licensing images and/or materials from Beau Brewer Digital please contact us.

Your Agreement

By commissioning work from Beau Brewer Digital, you are agreeing to abide by the license and terms set forth in the Client License and Copyright Agreement for Commissioned Work as outlined in this article/document.

Client Supplied Material

The Client unconditionally guarantees that any element of text or graphics given to Beau Brewer Digital for inclusion in designs do not infringe on any copyright or trademarks that have been already established by another company or organization. The Client will hold harmless and protect Beau Brewer Digital from any claim or suit arising from the use of such as furnished by The Client.

Accidental Infringement

We make every effort to produce original artwork. If, however, we create artwork for you which accidentally infringes on any existing trademarked artwork, our liability is limited only to a refund of the paid amount. Beau Brewer Digital will do no research checking on the legal availability of the name we are creating designs for. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that the name of their product, company or service is not already in use, and it is the Client’s sole responsibility to secure a service mark or trademark to protect the rights to any name or image. We will not be held responsible for any legal action that may result from improper due diligence on the availability of a company name or image.

Concepts and Proofs

Any concept or proof furnished to the Client are for client review and comment purposes only. Until all project invoices are paid in full by the Client, Beau Brewer Digital will retain exclusive copyright and ownership of all design and draft materials and any usage will be deemed an infringement of standing copyright protections and pursued appropriately by Beau Brewer Digital. Beau Brewer Digital retains ownership of all draft materials not used in the final design. Example; a digital proof can not be used on a social media post stating “check out our new business cards”, or similar.
Unless specifically noted or purchased, copyright and ownership of the final artwork is retained by Beau Brewer Digital.
When purchased, ownership of final designs are transferred to the client upon payment of all fees. Typically, a copyright release is purchased separately. This will vary depending on the Client’s project. 

Licensed Use

The development of any art, creative copy, design, code or commissioned work is licensed on a per project basis. Client’s use of all commissioned work is limited to that project only and can not be used outside that project. Example; website creative copy can not be used on a rack card without a separate license or a copyright release.

Right to Display

Beau Brewer Digital retains the right to display the artwork in their corporate portfolios and marketing materials. Beau Brewer Digital can use any concept, proof or art at any time in any medium without notice unless noted or any applicable NDA prohibits such use.


All work commissioned may not be resold, added to design or art collections, as part of a gallery or template collection or redistributed in any manner without express written permission by Beau Brewer Digital, unless licensed or a copyright release has been purchased.

Changes to this Agreement

Changes to this agreement can be made at any time without notice. Changes will apply to any previous commissioned work or project, unless noted, licensed or a copyright release has been purchased.

Final and Ruling Version

The final and ruling version of this license agreement can be found at the link below. Outdated or alternate versions of this agreement are null and void, unless noted in writing or a copyright release has been purchased.
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